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When you find a shakti, your idea of ​​women will be deconstructed

She is not just any woman, not even the most “difficult”

If you try to conquer her over with money and goods, you will be invisible to her.

If you show good boy posture, she will see your mask fall

If you offer her a flower, she will ask why you killed the plant for something futile

If you try to conquer her in some way, it will be in vain because for her love is not conquered, it is lived

Before you try any act, she will already see your energy

For her, Your energetic personal care is of high value

She knows no needy

She won’t run after you or play games

She is fulfill

Clear of what she wants

And know her worth

She values the Romanticism, but

Values more her Spiritual Mission

She doesn’t need male protection

For she is the Queen of her own Throne

Unloved woman becomes a child

Child attracts father

Woman who loves herself becomes Shakti

Shaktis attract Shivas”

The transformation from woman to goddess 💎