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Online greek lessons for adults

Alexandra Palioura

Alexandra Palioura – My Story

Online greek lessons for adults

Hi! I am Alexandra Palioura and I have the pleasure to be the Greek professor in the courses organized by the Purple Connection.

My deep desire to understand the world led me to study Chemical Engineering, still,  that was not enough and led me to different paths. At the age of 23, I moved to Spain where I worked and studied. It was the first time I realized how beautiful it is when you live in a multiculti society. A few years later in 2005, I moved to the Czech Republic where I started working with abroad students. At that time language was a great issue for me and that is why I attended Czech courses at the University of Pilzen. 

In 2006 in a need to integrate even deeper into the Czech society  I started teaching Greek, one of the most exciting experiences. I feel really proud when I see my past students being able to communicate and interact with Greeks even years after. Learning Czech created great potentials in my self, social and professional development.  

For me speaking a foreign language is more than just being able to fulfill your everyday requirements it allows you to communicate your culture, to mix with other cultures, and to expand your perception. From this period I am honored with beautiful friendships, magnificent partnerships, and great respect for both Greek and Czech culture.

These values I aim to transfer through the Greek Course. What do you think, would you like to participate in a course that will not only expand your skill in the Greek Language but also give you the opportunity to learn more about Greek culture?

My Approach

Online greek lessons for adults

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